System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Find Out If a CD Is Still in Use

  1. Become superuser.

  2. Identify the processes accessing the CD.

    The fuser(1M) command lists the processes that are currently accessing the CD that you specify.

    # fuser -u [-k] /cdrom/cdrom0


    Displays the user of the CD. 


    Kills the process accessing the CD. 

The fuser command might not always identify all the killed processes. To be sure, run it again with the -u option.

Example--Finding Out If a CD Is Still in Use

In the following example, the processes 6400c and 6399c are accessing the /cdrom/cdrom0 directory, and the process owners are root and smith, respectively.

# fuser -u /cdrom/cdrom0
/cdrom/cdrom0: 6400c(root)  6399c(smith)

You can kill the processes individually (as superuser), or you can use the fuser command with the -k option, which kills all the processes accessing that file system, as shown in the following example.

# fuser -u -k /cdrom/cdrom0
/cdrom/cdrom0: 6400c(root)Killed  6399c(smith)Killed