System Administration Guide, Volume 1

What About Mixed Formats?

Some CDs, particularly installation CDs, contain mixed formats; that is, part UFS, part ISO 9660. To accommodate the different formats, the CD is split into slices, which are similar in effect to partitions on hard disks. The 9660 portion is portable, but the UFS portion is architecture-specific. Furthermore, to make the CD usable by several different architectures (as in the case of installation, when different PROM architectures might be used to boot the system), more than one UFS format is loaded onto the CD:


When Volume Management encounters this arrangement, it simply ignores the UFS formats not specific to the local system's architecture and mounts the appropriate UFS slice and the ISO 9660 slice:


These slices appear as subdirectories both under /vol/dev/dsk/c0t6 and /cdrom/cdrom0:

$ ls /cdrom/cdrom0
S0  S2
$ ls /vol/dev/dsk/c0t6
S0 S2