System Administration Guide, Volume 1

Example--Site Initialization File

The following shows an example site initialization file in which a user can choose a particular version of an application.

# @(#)site.login
echo "Application Environment Selection"
echo ""
echo "1. Application, Version 1"
echo "2. Application, Version 2"
echo "" 
echo -n "Type 1 or 2 and press Return to set your 
application environment: " 

set choice = $<	

if ( $choice !~ [1-2] ) then 
goto main 

switch ($choice) 

case "1": 
setenv APPHOME /opt/app-v.1 

case "2": 
setenv APPHOME /opt/app-v.2 

This site initialization file could be referenced in a user's .cshrc file (C shell users only) with the following line:

source /net/server2/site-init-files/site.login

In this line, the site initialization file is named site.login and is located on a server named server2. This line also assumes that the automounter is running on the user's system.