System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Disable User Registration

The table below shows how to disable User Registration before and after installing Solaris software. Before disabling Solaris User Registration, system administrators should register for their organization.

Table 3-4 Ways to Disable User Registration

To Disable User Registration ... 

You Can ... 

For More Information See ... 

Before Solaris software is installed 

  • Deselect the SUNWsregu package (interactive installation)

  • Modify a custom JumpStart profile to not install the SUNWsregu package

  • Create and run a finish script that creates a file named solregis in the /etc/default directory on one or more systems with the following line in it: DISABLE=1

Solaris 8 Advanced Installation Guide


After Solaris software is installed 

  • Use the pkgrm command to remove the SUNWsregu package

  • Add the solregis file in the /etc/default directory (custom JumpStart installation only)

Chapter 21, Software Administration (Tasks)

Solaris 8 Advanced Installation Guide