System Administration Guide, Volume 1

How to Start Admintool

  1. Verify that the following prerequisites are met. To use Admintool, you must:

    • Have a bit-mapped display monitor. The Admintool software can be used only on a system with a console that has a bit-mapped screen such as a standard display monitor that comes with a Sun workstation.

    • Be running an X Window environment such as CDE.

    • Be a member of the sysadmin group (group 14).

    If you want to perform administration tasks on a system with an ASCII terminal as the console, use Solaris commands instead. See useradd(1M) for more information.

  2. Start Admintool.

    $ admintool &

    The Users main window appears.

Example--Starting Admintool

The Users main window enables you to manage user account information.