Network Interface Guide

Interface Sets

SunOS 5.8 provides two sets of socket interfaces. The BSD socket interfaces are provided and, since SunOS 5.7 the XNS 5 (Unix98) Socket interfaces are also provided. The XNS 5 interfaces differ slightly from the BSD interfaces.

The XNS 5 Socket interfaces are documented in the man pages: accept(3XNET), bind(3XNET), connect(3XNET), endhostent(3XNET), endnetent(3XNET), endprotoent(3XNET), endservent(3XNET), gethostbyaddr(3XNET), gethostbyname(3XNET), gethostent(3XNET), gethostname(3XNET), getnetbyaddr(3XNET), getnetbyname(3XNET), getnetent(3XNET), getpeername(3XNET), getprotobyname(3XNET), getprotobynumber(3XNET), getprotoent(3XNET), getservbyname(3XNET), getservbyport(3XNET), getservent(3XNET), getsockname(3XNET), getsockopt(3XNET), htonl(3XNET), htons(3XNET), inet_addr(3XNET), inet_lnaof(3XNET), inet_makeaddr(3XNET), inet_netof(3XNET), inet_network(3XNET), inet_ntoa(3XNET), listen(3XNET), ntohl(3XNET), ntohs(3XNET), recv(3XNET), recvfrom(3XNET), recvmsg(3XNET), send(3XNET), sendmsg(3XNET), sendto(3XNET), sethostent(3XNET), setnetent(3XNET), setprotoent(3XNET), setservent(3XNET), setsockopt(3XNET), shutdown(3XNET), socket(3XNET), and socketpair(3XNET).

The traditional SunOS 5 BSD Socket behavior is documented in the corresponding 3N man pages. In addition, a number of new interfaces have been added to section 3N: freeaddrinfo(3SOCKET), freehostent(3SOCKET), getaddrinfo(3SOCKET), getipnodebyaddr(3SOCKET), getipnodebyname(3SOCKET), getnameinfo(3SOCKET), inet_ntop(3SOCKET), inet_pton(3SOCKET), See the standards(5) man page for information on building applications that use the XNS 5 (Unix98) socket interface.