Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

IDE/Enhanced IDE Disk Controller (Including ATAPI CD-ROM)

Solaris Device Driver:


Device Type:

Hard disk or CD-ROM controller 

Supported Configuration:

Two drives per controller, up to four IDE drives if both primary and secondary interfaces are available 

Preconfiguration Information

If there are two IDE drives on the same controller, one must be set to "master" and the other to "slave." Typically, if there is both an IDE hard disk drive and an IDE CD-ROM drive, the hard disk drive is the master, and the CD-ROM drive is the slave, but this isn't mandatory. If there is only one drive on a controller, it must be set to master.

Supported Settings

Primary controller:

o IRQ Level: 


o I/O Address: 


Secondary controller:

o IRQ Level: 


o I/O Address: 


If an IDE CD-ROM drive is installed, the system BIOS parameter for that device should be:

o Drive Type: 

Not installed 

If an enhanced IDE drive is installed, set the system BIOS as follows:

o Enhanced IDE Drive: 


Note -

If the BIOS supports autoconfiguration, use this facility to set the number of heads, cylinders, and sectors for the IDE hard disk drive. If this capability is not supported by the BIOS, use the settings provided by the disk manufacturer.

Known Problems and Limitations