Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

American Megatrends MegaRAID 428 SCSI RAID Controller

Solaris Device Driver:


Device Type:



American Megatrends MegaRAID 428 SCSI RAID  

Bus Type:


This is a third-party driver developed by American Megatrends, Inc. For support and information about possible updates to this driver, contact American Megatrends at

Configuration Procedure

  1. Press Control-M while the system is starting up to configure the controller and all logical drives.

  2. Install the Solaris software and reboot.

    You will only see a single logical drive available during installation.

  3. In the /kernel/drv/sd.conf file, add additional drives by duplicating the existing entry for target=0 and incrementing the lun field by one for each additional logical drive you want the Solaris software to recognize.

    For example, if you have a total of three logical drives configured on your adapter, you would add the following lines:

    name="sd" class="scsi" 
         target=0 lun=1;
    name="sd" class="scsi" 
         target=0 lun=2; 
  4. Reboot.

    After the system reboots, you can use additional drives.