Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Madge Smart 16/4 Token Ring

Solaris Device Driver:


Device Type:

Network (Token ring) 


Madge Smart 16/4 PCI Ringnode/Bridgenode 

Smart 16/4 PCI Presto 

Bus Type:


This is a third-party driver developed by Madge Networks. For support and information about possible updates to this driver, contact Madge at

Preconfiguration Information

Known Problems and Limitations

When the mtok driver is enabled, the following messages appear when the system startup scripts run ifconfig:

configuring network interfaces: ip_rput: DL_ERROR_ACK for 29
errno 1, unix0
ip: joining multicasts failed on mtok0
will use link layer broadcasts for multicast

These messages can be ignored.

Configuration Procedure

Various hardware settings on the adapter, such as the ring speed and DMA channel, can be set with switches on the adapter or using a configuration utility supplied on the MDGBOOT diskette shipped with your Ringnode. Refer to the documentation supplied with the Ringnode for detailed instructions.

When choosing hardware settings:

Note that a configuration utility must almost always be used to select features of the adapter (for example, ring speed). If the adapter isn't functioning properly, try alternate features, such as PIO instead of DMA, different I/O addresses, and so on.