Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Compatible Device Information

Selected AD1848-based devices are supported by the sbpro device driver. Some audio devices based on other compatible chips are also supported.

Although many audio devices claim to be compatible with other audio devices, they are not always compatible at the hardware level and are not supported by the Solaris software. "Tested Compatible Devices" shows which devices have been tested with the Solaris operating environment.

Some cards based on the AD1848 or compatible chips also support advanced audio features that the sbpro driver does not currently support.

Tested Compatible Devices

The following AD1848 and compatible devices have been tested:

Some other 100 percent hardware-compatible devices might also function using the sbpro driver; however, they have not been tested or certified with the Solaris operating environment.

The Turtle Beach Tropez card might interfere with the operation of other ISA devices in the system. If installing a Tropez card in the system causes such devices to fail, run the configuration program that came with the device to select a different I/O base address for the card.