Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Turtle Beach Tropez Card With CS4231 Chip

o I/O Address: 


The MWSS I/O address on the Turtle Beach Tropez card is 0x530 at power-up. It can only be changed by software after the system is booted, and the Solaris operating environment does not do that. Therefore, the Tropez card is only supported at I/O address 0x530. 

The sbpro driver automatically chooses an unused DMA channel and IRQ line for the device.

Note -

The Tropez card comes with a software utility for selecting the IRQ, DMA, and MWSS compatibility I/O address settings used by the card. However, that utility does not record those parameters in nonvolatile memory, but in a configuration file used by DOS to set the card's configuration at each reboot. This type of configuration file is not used by the Solaris software and does not affect the operation of the card with the Solaris operating environment.