Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Configuration Procedure

  1. Install the Solaris software.

  2. Modify the driver configuration file /kernel/drv/cpqncr.conf.

    This file specifies the valid configurable parameters for the driver:

    • tag_enable: This property enables or disables tagged queuing support by the driver and can be set to the following values:

      • 0 - Disabled (Default)

      • 1 - Enabled

    • alrm_msg_enable: This property enables or disables Alarm messages due to faults in the Compaq Storage system connected to the 825, 875, or 876 controller. The valid values are:

      • 0 - Disabled

      • 1 - Enabled (Default)

    • debug_flag: This property enables or disables debug messages from the driver. The valid values are:

      • 0 - Disabled (Default)

      • 1 - Enabled

    • queue_depth: This property specifies the number of active requests the driver can handle for a controller. The maximum and default value for this property is 37; the minimal value is 13. You can reduce the value to support multiple controllers if you cannot allocate enough memory while trying to load the driver.

    • board_id: This property specifies additional controller IDs the driver has to support. The driver currently supports Compaq 825, 875, and 876 controllers. It recognizes the board ID for Compaq 825 Fast Wide SCSI-2, Compaq 875 Wide Ultra SCSI, and Compaq Dual Channel Wide Ultra SCSI-3 controllers by default.

    • ignore-hardware-nodes: Set this property to 0 if present.

  3. To activate the configuration changes, as root type:

    # touch /reconfigure
    # reboot