Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Configuration Procedure

  1. Install the Solaris software.

  2. Modify the driver configuration file /platform/i86pc/kernel/drv/cnft.conf.

    This file specifies the valid configurable parameters for the driver:

    • duplex_mode: This property forces the duplex mode for the controller. It can be set to:

      • 0 - Autoconfigure (Default)

      • 1 - Half duplex

      • 2 - Full duplex

    • media_speed: This property sets the media speed for the controller. This option can be used to force the 10/100BASE-TX to 10- or 100-Mbps operation. The media speed is autoconfigured by default. The valid values are:

      • 0 - Autoconfigure (Default)

      • 10 - Force 10-Mbps media speed

      • 100 - Force 100-Mbps media speed

    • max_tx_lsts, max_rx_lsts, tx_threshold: These properties tune driver performance. The valid values are:


    Valid Values 

    Default Value 


    4 to 16 



    4 to 16 



    2 to 16 


    • debug_flag: Set this property to 1 or 0 to enable or disable debug messages from the driver. Debug messages are disabled by default.

    • mediaconnector: Set to 1 to enable the AUI interface for the Integrated NetFlex-3 controller on ProLiant 2500 systems or to enable the BNC interface on the Integrated NetFlex-3 controller on the ProLiant 800 and Deskpro 4000/6000. The UTP interface is the default (0).

    • board_id: Set this property to support additional PCI controllers. The format of the board_id is 0xVVVVDDDD, where VVVV means vendor ID and DDDD, device ID. More than one ID can be specified, if required.

  3. To activate the configuration changes, as root type:

    # touch /reconfigure
    # reboot