Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Allocating IRQs

  1. Boot with the Configuration Assistant so you can review the resource usage.

  2. Select View/Edit Devices from the Device Tasks menu, and review the list of devices to see how many IRQs are being used.

    There are 16 IRQs, from 0-15. Several IRQs are already assigned. For example, IRQ 3 is reserved for the second serial port, COM2, and IRQ 7 is reserved for the parallel port.

  3. If your system has a COM2 port or a parallel port that is not being used, delete the device to free the IRQ resource for a PC Card.

    1. Select the serial port device using IRQ 3 or the parallel port using IRQ 7, and choose Delete Device.

    2. Choose Continue to return to the Device Tasks menu.

    3. Save the configuration.

  4. Boot the Solaris software.