Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Identifying ISA or EISA Devices--Sample Procedure

To set the configuration parameters for an ISA or EISA adapter, run the manufacturer's ECU. This utility must be run every time an ISA or EISA board is added, removed, or moved to a different bus slot. Although the function of this utility is standardized, implementations vary among manufacturers, each providing unique user interface screens or menus.

  1. Boot DOS.

    Note -

    Back up the board manufacturer's EISA configuration diskette before using it to configure your hardware.

  2. For each ISA or EISA add-in adapter to be configured, copy the EISA .cfg and .ovl configuration files from the board manufacturer's configuration diskette to the system EISA configuration diskette.

  3. Run the ECU.

    The program is called CF.EXE or CFG.EXE.

  4. For each device, set the appropriate configuration parameters and any special operating modes.