Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Using PC Card Memory Devices

Since the Solaris Volume Management software recognizes PC Card memory devices, no special vold configuration is required.

    If you don't want to use vold to manage your PC Card memory devices, comment out the "use pcmem" line in the /etc/vold.conf file.

To comment out a line, insert a # character at the beginning of the line.

PC Card memory devices don't need to have file systems on them, though typically, before using a new PC Card memory card, you will want to create a file system on it. DOS PCFS is the best format to use. (You can use virtually any file system format on a PC Card memory card, but most other file system formats are platform-dependent, making them unsuitable for moving data between different types of machines. See "Using a PCMCIA Memory Card" in the OpenWindows Advanced User's Guide.)

Note -

If you want to redirect the output of a tar command (or dd or cpio) to a PC Card memory device, first create a file system on the card, using the fdformat command without arguments. The card must be reformatted before it can be written on again.