Solaris 8 (Intel Platform Edition) Device Configuration Guide

Identifying an Unrecognized Device

If you insert a memory device and it isn't recognized (no special files created), use the prtconf command.

  1. Become root.

  2. Run the prtconf -D command to display the configuration recognized by the system.

    A recognized device will appear in the prtconf output. For example:

    # prtconf -D
    .  .  .
    pcic, instance #0 (driver name: pcic)
        .  .  .
       memory, instance #0 (driver name: pcmem)
             pcram, instance #0 (driver name: pcram)
  3. If your memory device does not appear at the end of the prtconf output, it is not supported and cannot be used with the pcram device driver.