Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

answerbook: XView error: NULL pointer passed to xv_set


The AnswerBook navigator window comes up, but the document viewer window does not. This message appears on the console, and the message Could not start new viewer appears in the navigator window. This situation indicates that you have an unknown client or a problem with the network naming service.


Run the ypmatch(1) or nismatch(1) command to determine if the client host name is in the host's map. If not, add it to the NIS hosts map on the NIS master server. Then, make sure the /etc/hosts file on the client contains an IP address and entry for that host name, which is followed by loghost.

Note -

Reboot, if you changed the /etc/hosts file.

Check that the ypmatch(1) or nismatch(1) client hosts command returns the same IP host address as in the /etc/hosts file. Finally, quit all existing AnswerBooks and restart.

See Also

For more information on the NIS hosts map, see the section on the default search criteria in the NIS+ and FNS Administration Guide. If you are using AnswerBook online documentation, "NIS hosts map" is a good search string.