Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

automountd[int]: server hostname responding


This automounter message indicates that the system tried to mount a file system from an NFSTM server that is either down or extremely slow to respond. In some cases, this message indicates that the network link to the NFS server is broken, although that condition produces other error messages as well.


If you are the system administrator responsible for the non-responding NFS server, check to see whether the machine needs repair or rebooting. Encourage your user community to report such problems quickly, but only once. When the NFS server is back in operation, the automounter can access the requested file system.

See Also

For more information on NFS failures, see the section on NFS troubleshooting in the System Administration Guide, Volume 3. If you are using AnswerBook online documentation, a good search string is "NFS Service."