Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

Could not initialize tooltalk (tt_open): TT_ERR_NOMP


Various desktop tools display or print this message when the ttsession(1) process is not available. The ToolTalk service generally tries to restart ttsession(1), if it is not running. Thus, this error indicates that the ToolTalk service is either not installed or is not installed correctly.


Verify that the ttsession(1) command exists in /usr/openwin/bin or /usr/dt/bin. If this command is not present, ToolTalk is not installed correctly. The packages constituting ToolTalk are the runtime SUNWtltk, developer support SUNWtltkd, and the manual pages SUNWtltkm. CDE ToolTalk packages have the same names with ".2" appended.

Technical Notes

The full TT_ERR_NOMP message string reads as follows: "No ttsession(1) is running, probably because tt_open(3) has not been called yet. If this is returned from tt_open(3), it means ttsession(1) could not be started, which generally means ToolTalk is not installed on the system."