Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

Error: Error adding OS service Solaris 2.6 sparc sun4u:


While trying to add OS services to a newly installed Solaris 2.6 environment and using Solstice Adminsuite 2.3, the process fails with the following error message:

Error: Error adding OS service Solaris 2.6 sparc sun4u:
inconsistent revision, installed package SUNWpppk revision 3.0.1
does not match revision 11.6.0,REV=1997. for sparc
This error is caused by the optional Solstice PPP 3.0.1 packages from the "Solaris Server Intranet Extension" CD-ROM installed on the system.


As a workaround, remove the PPP 3.0.1 packages and replace them with the PPP packages from the Solaris 2.6 release CD-ROM. For example:

# pkgrm SUNWlicsw SUNWlit SUNWpppk SUNWpppm SUNWpppr SUNWppps SUNWpppu
:  {package remove info}
# cd /cdrom/cdrom0/s0/Solaris_2.6/Product
# pkgadd -d . SUNWapppr SUNWapppu SUNWpppk
:  {package add info}
Then, use Adminsuite to add the OS services, which should then work without error.

Note -

If the Solstice PPP 3.0.1 package is configured and currently in use on the system, the user should save any of the previously entered PPP configuration information for restoration after the OS services have been installed. (pkgrm(1M) the 3 PPP packages installed from the 2.6 CD release, and againpkgadd(1M) all of the PPP packages from the Intranet Extension CD-ROM, then redo the configuration.) If the Solstice PPP 3.0.1 package was not used on the system, there is no reason to reinstall it. Use /usr/bin/pkginfo to check the installed packages.

This is documented in Chapter 9 of the Solaris Server Intranet Extension Installation and Release Notes Solaris 2.6 manual.