Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

fbconsole: ioctl SRIOCSREDIR: Device Busy.


When starting OpenWindows from the command line, the following error message is echoed on the Solaris "Welcome" screen: fbconsole: ioctl SRIOCSREDIR: Device Busy

Once inside OpenWindows, the following message is displayed in the background windows and when starting cmdtool -C:

SYSTEM WARNING: Object 0x340f8, Device busy, ioctl SRIOCSREDIR returned -1, attempt to make tty the console failed (Tty package)


OpenWindows was probably started in the background (using the "&"). Exit OpenWindows, and run the command in foreground: /usr/openwin/bin/openwin

If this does not help, then perhaps some daemon or process is "holding" the console. Type the command: fuser /dev/console.

A list of process IDs is returned. Examine these processes to determine if an application has hold of the console (using the ps(1) command helps).