Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

Not enough space


This message indicates that the system is running many large applications simultaneously and has run out of swap space (virtual memory). It could also indicate that applications failed without freeing pages from the swap area. Swap space is an area of disk set aside to store portions of applications and data not immediately required in memory. Any data written during this condition is probably lost.


Reinstall or reconfigure the system to have more swap space. A general rule is that swap space should be two to three times as large as physical memory. Alternatively, use mkfile(1M) and swap(1M) to add more swap area. This example shows how to add 16 Mbytes of virtual memory in the /usr/swap file (any file system with enough free space would work):

# mkfile 16m /usr/swap
# swap -a /usr/swap
To make this reconfiguration automatic at boot time, add the following line to the /etc/vfstab file:

/usr/swap   -   -   swap   -   no   -

Technical Notes

When calling the fork(2), exec(2), sbrk(2), or malloc(3C) routine, a program asked for more memory than the system could supply. This is not a temporary condition; swap space is a system parameter.

The symbolic name for this error is ENOMEM, errno=12.