Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

NOTICE: /string: out of inodes


The file system specified after the first colon probably contains many small files, exceeding the per-file system limit for inodes (file information nodes).


If many small files were created unintentionally, remove them to resolve the problem. Otherwise, follow these steps to increase file system capacity for small files:

  1. Make several backup copies of the file system on different tapes (for safety).

  2. Change the machine to single-user mode.

  3. Use the newfs(1M) command with the -i option to increase inode density for this file system. The following is an example:

    # newfs -i 1024 /dev/rdsk/partition

  4. Restore the file system from a backup tape.

Note -

Increasing the inode density slightly reduces the total file system capacity.