Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

Cannot bind to domain domainname: can't communicate with ypbind


While running the ypinit -m script for the setup of an NIS Master Server, you get this error message.


You could be using the wrong nsswitch template for /etc/nsswitch.conf. During setup, you should be using /etc/nsswitch.files as the name services switch template. After setup is complete, you would then want to use /etc/nsswitch.nis. Do the following to verify that you are using nsswitch.files:

# head /etc/nsswitch.conf 	
#   -->	
# /etc/nsswitch.files:
If you are not using the nsswitch.files, copy it over as shown below:

# cp /etc/nsswitch.files /etc/nsswitch.conf
Run the ypinit -m script, again.