Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

password file busy - try again later.


On a SunOS system running NIS (YP), the user runs yppasswdd(1M)and the system reports this error. On the NIS Master server, this error is in the messages file from rpc.yppasswdd: password file busy - try again. This error is caused superficially by the existence of a lock file, /var/yp/passwd.ptmp. Removing this file allows yppasswdd to run to completion, but subsequent invocations still fail with the same error message. The root cause is that yppasswdd has the-m option, which says to run make to push the maps out to the slave servers. In this situation, a problem occurred in pushing the maps to a slave server; the push would hang. Thus, the push was never completed, and the lock file was never removed. This was tested by doing the following:

#cd /var/yp 
#make passwd 
passwd is up to date 
#touch passwd 
#make passwd
From here, the make remakes the map, but then hangs on the push to the slave.


To fix the root cause, find out why the map does not push. In this situation, it was a routing issue; however, the remedy could lie elsewhere.