Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

WARNING: vxvm:vxio: Illegal vminor encountered


In this case, the message occurred during booting. The system was sharing an SSA1XX with an identical system. The user was also getting an error in disk group configuration copies during booting. The identical system was booting up fine--without error messages. vxconfigd died. A vxprivutil scan of one of the disks indicated the following:

diskid:  880409237.1043.system_that_comes_up 
hostid: none


The user quickly applied a vxinstall on both systems: first, on the system that did not successfully boot, and then on the system that did. The user had to run a custom vxinstall, selecting only the disks desired for each system.

Technical Notes

Note -

The following attempt to resolve the problem failed.

vxiod set 10 
vxconfigd -m disable 
vxdctl init hostname 
vxdctl enable