Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide


The user needs to do the following:

  1. Insert the Solaris 2.6 software CD in the drive.

  2. Boot with the Device Configuration Assistant diskette.

  3. Select the CD-ROM to boot when presented with the available devices.

  4. Type b -s when asked to select either Interactive or Jumpstart to boot as a single user.

  5. At the # prompt, type the following:

    # mount /dev/dsk/cxdxpx /a   (where "x" is information from your system)

    # TERM=at386; export TERM 
    # cd /a/platform/i86pc/boot/solaris/devicedb

  6. In this directory is a file called master. BEFORE EDITING this file, make a backup copy. After it is backed up, view the master file in vi. Look for the term ata.bef and replace it with the word none.

  7. Run touch /reconfigure and then reboot the system. (The command boot -r, reboot -- -r also works.)