Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide


In this situation, the user loaded SunPC 4.1 on a SPARCstation 5 machine. The Solaris 2.5 operating environment is patched to the Solaris 2.5.1. The user also has a SunPC accelerator card installed. When starting SunPC, the user gets this error message on the SunPC splash screen. If the user clicks anywhere in the screen, the whole console locks. The user has to move to another machine and use rlogin and then kill the SunPC process. In an effort to resolve the problem, the user had installed and removed SunPC and the 102924-25 patch with the same results. The user also removed the accelerator card, performed a boot -r and still SunPC 4.1 hung at the splash screen. The following error was found in the /var/adm file:

modrput() sdos_mbsigolint failed -1