Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide


From /var/adm/messages you find the reason for the apdb command failure, as shown below:

Jan 15 14:00:51 Starfire2 apd[683]: /etc/system: could not find:                                          																			    																																						* End AP database info (do not edit)
Jan 15 14:00:52 Starfire2 apd[683]: failed to patch the system file!
Unfortunately, this error from the netcon session does not get an echo to the console; therefore, it can easily be missed. To correct it, simply edit the /etc/system file so that it has the correct comments before and after setting ap:apdb_dblist. See below:

* Begin AP database info (do not edit) 
set ap:apdb_dblist="sd:5 sd:8" 
* End AP database info (do not edit)