Solaris Common Messages and Troubleshooting Guide

29a00 illegal instruction


When trying to boot a client from a boot/jumpstart server to install or upgrade a workstation, it fails with the following message:

boot net - install
Rebooting with command: net - install
Boot device: /iommu/sbus/ledma@f, 400010/le@f, 8c0000 File and args: -
29a00  Illegal Instruction
(0) ok


The problem lies in the /tftpboot directory of the boot server. Confirm that the HOSTID and HOSTID.ARCH files are linked to the correct inetboot.* file for your architecture. The following is an example of how a symbolic link should look:

# cd /tftpboot
# ls -l 81971904*
81971904 -> inetboot.sun4m.Solaris_2.4
81971904.SUN4M -> inetboot.sun4m.Solaris_2.4
If the entries are not correct, remove the entry for the particular client in this directory, using rm_install_client or rm_client commands, and re-add the client with the add_install_client(1M) or add_client command or through Solstice giving the correct architecture.