Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Getting Help

You can request help by:

Help Menu

Most applications have a Help menu for requesting specific kinds of help.


Overview - Displays introductory information about the application

Tasks - Displays instructions for using the application

Table of Contents - Displays a standard Table of Contents for the help volume

Reference - Displays summary information about application components

On Item - Changes the pointer to a question mark--click the question mark pointer on an item to display its description

Using Help - Displays information about using Help

About - Displays version and copyright information about the application (in this case, Text Editor)

To learn more about using help windows, choose Using Help from an application's Help menu. Or, you can press F1 while using a Help window.

To Display the Help Manager

The Help Manager lists all the online help volumes installed on your system.

  1. Click the Help Manager control in the Front Panel.

    The Help Viewer opens, displaying the Help Manager.

  2. Choose the Common Desktop Environment topic to display the list of help volumes for the desktop.

  3. Browse the list of titles. To open a volume, click its title.