Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Navigating to Folders and Subfolders

Each File Manager window (also called a view) shows the contents of a single folder.

If you are not familiar with hierarchical file systems, see "Basic File System Concepts".

To Change to Another Folder

You can change to another folder in any of the following ways:

To Go to Your Home Folder

    Choose Go Home from the File menu.

To Change to the Parent Folder

To Open a Terminal Window in the Current Folder

This procedure opens a terminal emulator window with the same current folder as the File Manager window. This is a quick way to type a command to affect the contents of the folder you are currently viewing.

    Choose Open Terminal from the File menu.

Note -

You must have execute permission for a folder before you can open a Terminal window from it.

To find out how to use terminal emulators, see Chapter 12, Using Terminal .