Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Entering Text

As you create a document, you type and edit text. A cursor (I) shows your current position. Characters are inserted unless you set Overstrike mode (see "To Set Overstrike Mode").

To Enter New Text

    Click in the document and start typing.

To start a new line, press Return. Or, you can use the Wrap To Fit option to automatically wrap text at the edge of the window.

To start a paragraph, press Return twice.

Using Wrap To Fit

Wrap To Fit controls whether lines are automatically wrapped to fit the width of the window. When Wrap To Fit is set on, lines are broken automatically at the edge of the window. Because these line breaks are dynamic, you can resize the Text Editor window and the text automatically adjusts to fit the new window width.

When you save your document, you decide whether to add a line break to each of the wrapped lines, or to discard the dynamic line endings. When you save your document, you choose one of these options:

To Set Wrap To Fit On or Off

    To set Wrap To Fit on, choose Wrap To Fit in the Options menu. To set Wrap To Fit off, choose it from the menu again.

Entering Special Characters

Different systems often use certain key combinations to insert special characters (see "Composing Special Characters").

In some instances, a key combination may be reserved by Text Editor. For example, a Text Editor mnemonic for displaying a menu might conflict with a key sequence you want to use on your keyboard. To insert the correct character you may need to override the reserved behavior by preceding the key combination with Control+Q.