Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Performing Actions on Host Cards

A host card contains a host name and an IP address. When you display a host card in Address Manager's scrolling pane, the Actions menu is updated to contain the following menu items:

Figure 16-5 Actions Menu for a Host Card


Table 16-4 Actions For a Host Card
 Action Description
 Terminal Displays a remote terminal (dtspcd) for the host
 Terminal Rlogin Performs a remote login (rlogin) on the host
 Process Manager Opens Process Manager for the host
 Performance Meter Opens Performance Meter for the host
 Workstation Info Opens Workstation Information for the Host
 Disk Usage Displays disk usage statistics for the host
 Print Manager Opens Print Manager for the host
 Suspend System Issues a Suspend action on the host
 Reboot Issues a Reboot action on the host
 Halt Issues a Halt action on the host
 Admintool Opens the Admintool application for the host
 Admintool Super-user Requests that you enter the host's root password, and opens Admintool (super-user mode) on the host