Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Copy and Paste Text into Windows

Copying and pasting eliminates the need to retype text.

You can copy from and paste text into:

You can also copy text from a Mailer message view and a Help Viewer window and paste it into Text Editor, terminal emulator, and Mailer Compose windows.

Selecting the Text To Be Copied

  1. Move the pointer to the start of the text to be pasted.

  2. Drag to the end of the text to be pasted, then release the mouse button, leaving the text highlighted.

Pasting Text

  1. Place the text insertion cursor in the target location.

  2. Click mouse button 2 to paste the text.

    To deselect text, click in an empty area of the window that has the text selected, or press Esc.

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