Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Schedule a Group Appointment

  1. Choose Compare Calendars from the Browse menu.

  2. Click one or more entries in the Browse list.

    Notice that the grid overlays calendars one on top of another and displays busy times shaded darker and available times unshaded.

  3. Click in an unshaded time block in the grid.

  4. Click Schedule.

    The Group Appointment Editor is displayed with the fields for date, time, and mail automatically filled out.

  5. Type (or edit) the group appointment start time in the Start field.

  6. Type (or edit) the group appointment end time in the End field.

  7. In the What field, type the appointment description, such as its location or purpose.

  8. Click More.

  9. Choose the repeat interval and duration for the group appointment.

  10. Click Insert to add the group appointment to the selected calendars.

    If you don't have insert access on all the calendars, you can send mail to notify others about the group appointment. See "To Mail Reminders to a Group Using Calendar".

  11. Click Cancel to close the Group Appointment Editor.