Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Create an Appointment Message Using a Mail Program

  1. Start Mailer (or your regular mail program).

  2. Open a compose window or create a blank message.

  3. Add a section to the message that includes exactly the following format. Replace <tab> with a tab character, <blank line> with a blank line, and replace the italicized format information with actual data.

    <tab>** Calendar Appointment **
    <blank line>
    <tab>Start:<tab>hh:mm am
    <tab>End:<tab>hh:mm pm
    <tab>What:<tab>description line 1
    <tab><tab>description line 2

    An example might be:

    	** Calendar Appointment **
    	Date:	11/22/94
    	Start:	10:00 am
    	End:	11:00 am
    	What:	Staff meeting
    		Monet conference room
  4. Insert any additional text into the mail message.

  5. Address the message to the recipient and include the subject of the message.

  6. Send the message.

    For information about using Mailer, see Chapter 8, Using Mailer.