Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Set Appointment Options

  1. Set up a basic appointment, as described above.

  2. Click the More button in the Appointment Editor to display additional appointment options.

  3. Select the desired appointment in the Appointment Editor list.

  4. Select Beep, Flash, Popup, or Mail (or more than one, in combination) for the types of reminders you want.

  5. Edit the reminder intervals and the Mail To entry if necessary.

  6. Optional. To repeat the appointment more than once, choose an option from the Occurs menu, and then choose an option from the For menu.

    If you don't see the interval you want, choose Repeat Every from the Occurs menu, and type the desired interval in days, weeks, or months.

  7. Choose an option from the Privacy menu.

    Others See Time and Text 

    Displays full appointment to others 

    Others See Time Only 

    Displays only time commitment, not description 

    Others See Nothing 

    Displays nothing to others 

  8. Click Change.

    If you set the appointment options at the same time as setting up a basic appointment, click Insert at this step.

    Note -

    If you are inserting multiple appointments one after another, be sure to click Clear between insertions. This will reset options that you may not want to carry over from one appointment to the next.

  9. Click Cancel to close the Appointment Editor.