Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Change Appointment Editor Defaults

  1. Choose Options from the File menu.

    The Calendar Options dialog box is displayed.

  2. Choose Editor Defaults from the Category menu.

  3. Optional. Change the default appointment duration in the Duration field.

  4. Optional. Change the default appointment start time by choosing from the Start menu.

  5. Select Beep, Flash, Popup, or Mail reminders.


    Causes your system to emit an electronic beep 


    Causes your calendar to flash 


    Displays a reminder dialog box 


    Sends electronic mail 

  6. Edit the default time intervals if necessary.

    The time interval fields are active for each reminder you select. They specify the time before an appointment that the reminder is activated.

  7. Choose a privacy option from the Privacy menu.

    Others See Time Only 

    The default - displays only the time of an appointment so others can see you're busy 

    Others See Time and Text 

    Displays the time and text of an appointment in your calendar 

    Show Nothing 

    Displays nothing about an appointment in your calendar for maximum privacy 

  8. Click Apply to apply the new defaults to all future appointments.

  9. Click Cancel to close the Calendar Options dialog box.