Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Display a Pop-up Menu

Each object in File Manager has a pop-up menu. The File Manager window itself has a pop-up menu viewable when the pointer is placed in a location in the view window outside the boundaries of the individual file or folder objects.


  1. Point to the icon whose pop-up menu you want to display and press mouse button 3.

    Figure 5-2 Sample Pop-up Menu


  2. To choose a command from the menu, drag to the command, then release. Or, click the command.


  1. Using the Tab and direction keys, move the highlight to the icon whose menu you want to display.

  2. Press Shift+F10.

  3. To choose a command from the menu, use the direction keys to highlight the command, then press Return.

  4. To cancel the menu without choosing a command, press Esc.