Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Find a File by Contents

  1. Open File Finder.

  2. Click More Criteria to display the More Criteria dialog box.

  3. Select the Content checkbox and click OK.

    The And Content line is added to the Find dialog.

  4. Specify the search folder and any name constraints for the search on the Find Items In line and on the Whose Name line.

  5. If you leave the File or Folder Name field empty, File Manager searches every file within the search folder.

    Names can be specified using the same regular expression syntax allowed by the grep command. (Refer to the grep man page for more information.)

  6. In the File Contents field, type the text string you want to find.

    If you select "and content contains (any case), then case is ignored for this string (upper- and lowercase letters are equivalent). You do not have to use complete words. For example, if you type fi it will find both fish and File.

  7. Click Find to commence the search.

    File Manager begins searching the search folder and its subfolders for any file containing the search string. Matches that are found are listed in the Files Found list. Once you have found a file, you can select it in the list and then click Go To to open File Manager for its folder. You can stop the search at any time by clicking Stop.

    Tip -

    If too many files are returned, specify more restrictive criteria.