Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide


The Configure Mail Conduit window tells your PDA your INBOX location. Refer to the following figure.


In this dialog you can define the IMAP location of the INBOX (server.domain) or the local location of the INBOX (path and filename).

In addition, the IMAP choice requires that you submit a login ID and password. You can save the login and password to avoid retyping. If the ID and password are NOT saved, synchronization is interrupted every time with the following dialog box (refer to the following figure).

Figure 20-8 Configuring the Mail Conduit


You can choose to have the desktop mailbox overwrite your PDA mailbox. This is set to "OFF" by default.

Note -

This option should only be used if your PDA INBOX folder is not in sync with your desktop.

All other setup for mail synchronization is done on your PDA. When you synchronize, your PDA automatically:

In the Mail synchronization options on the PDA, you can tell your PDA to: