Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

Adding a Conduit

Click the Add button on the Add PalmPilot Applications window to get to the Add Conduit window. This enables you to add conduits to PDA Sync. Refer to the following figure.

Figure 20-11 Adding a Conduit


The available conduits come from one of three categories, represented in the pull-down menu:

If you want to add a new conduit not currently in any of the folders, press the "Import Conduit" button to bring up the Import Conduit dialog. Refer to the following figure.

Figure 20-12 Importing a Conduit


Select a file and press the Import button. The file will be copied into the selected folder. If it is a conduit previously deleted from the Conduit tab, it will automatically be added back to the list. If the Conduit is a new one, then the Associate Conduit dialog will display. Refer to the following figure.

A list of the available databases will display in this list only if they are already installed on the PalmPilot. If you want to install a new database you must first install the database (refer to the Installer section under Configuring Conduits).

Then select a database in the list and click OK. The conduit will be added to the conduit list.

Figure 20-13 Associating Conduits