Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Change the Front Panel Printer

Note -

This does not change your default printer assignment. To find out how to change the default printer, see "To Change the Default Printer".

  1. Open the Personal Printers subpanel (by clicking the arrow above the Printer control in the Front Panel) and verify that the icon for the printer you want to move to the Front Panel appears.

    If the printer is not in the Personal Printers subpanel, add it by following the steps in "To Add a Printer to the Personal Printers Subpanel".

  2. In the subpanel, point to the printer icon you want to add to the Front Panel and select Put In Main Panel from the icon's pop-up menu (displayed by pressing Shift+F10 or mouse button 3).

    To verify that the printer has been changed, click the Printer control in the Front Panel and check the name of the icon in the Printer Jobs window that appears.