Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Find a Print Job

  1. Choose Find from the Printers menu.

    Find is available in Print Manager but not in the Printer Jobs application.

  2. Type the name of the print job you want to find in the Job Name field.

    For example, typing cat will find all jobs that include the fragment "cat" in their name, such as "Catchall" and "catalog," regardless of case.

    To find jobs with the name "cat" only, you would select Exact match.

    To find only jobs that match your capitalization, deselect Ignore case.

    Note -

    Find only finds print jobs that list you as the owner and it searches all printers, even those that are not currently displayed.

  3. Click Start Find.

  4. Once you have found a job, you can go directly to it in Print Manager or cancel it. To go to a found job, select the job and click Goto. To cancel a found job, select it and click Cancel Print Jobs.