Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Include a File

You can insert a text file into your document using a menu command or by dragging a file icon into the Text Editor window (see "To Include a File Using Drag and Drop").

  1. Position the cursor where you want to insert the text file.

  2. Choose Include from the File menu.

    The Include a File dialog box lists files and folders on your system. You can browse the documents listed, or change to a new folder to locate other files on your system.

    Figure 10-5 Include a File dialog box


  3. Select the document you want to insert in the Files list.

  4. Press Return or click OK.

Note -

To include a file from a CD-ROM or diskette that has been mounted, choose /cdrom/cd_name or /floppy/floppy_name through the menu button at the end of the text field, Enter path or folder name. Select the file name and click OK.