Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Guide

To Create or Edit a Language-Specific File

  1. In a Terminal window, set the LANG environment variable to the desired language. For example, to set the locale to Japanese, you can type:


    where Japanese_locale sets the value of the LANG environment variable for the Japanese character set. Refer to your specific platform to determine the value for Japanese_locale.

  2. In the same window, call Text Editor (dtpad) under the desired language by typing:

      /usr/dt/bin/dtpad &

    To start Text Editor with the Japanese language directly, type:

    /usr/dt/bin/dtpad -xnllanguage Japanese_locale

    You can now enter Japanese characters if the locale-specific files have been installed. You can also use the Text Editor session to edit a previously created Japanese file.

    See "To Specify Fonts from the Command Line" for an example of specifying a font set.