Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Transition Guide

Applications and Actions

In CDE you run an application by clicking its control on the Front Panel, by double-clicking its icon in Application Manager, or by choosing it from the Workspace menu.

 Task or Feature OpenWindows Method CDE Methods
Run an application from the desktop Choose a menu item on the Workspace menu

Click a control on Front Panel  

Choose a menu item from the Workspace menu 

Double-click an icon in Application Manager 

Add a personal application to Front Panel Not applicable (no Front Panel) Drop a program icon on an Add Icon drop zone on a subpanel
 Run an OpenWindows application Choose a menu item on the Workspace menu Double-click an icon in the OpenWindows folder in Application Manager

You can also run an application by dropping the appropriate file on a drop zone on the Front Panel. For example, dropping a file on the printer icon prints the file.

Tip -

You can also start an application by entering UNIX commands on a command line in a terminal window. To display a terminal window, choose This Host on the Hosts subpanel of the Front Panel.

About Application Manager

Application Manager enables you to organize applications for easy access by storing their icons in special folders. For example, you can launch your OpenWindows applications from icons in the OpenWindows folder (see Figure 1-2).