Solaris Common Desktop Environment: User's Transition Guide

Keyboard Mnemonics and Special Keys

Unlike OpenWindows applications, CDE applications use mnemonics, or memorable key combinations, to enable you to select menu items without using the mouse. Mnemonics for a menu item are indicated by an underlined letter in the menu item name, such as the letter F in the File menu in File Manager. You activate a menu by pressing the Alt key and the underlined key, for example Alt+F to activate the File menu in File Manager.

As with OpenWindows, CDE supports the standard keyboards supplied with SunTM WorkstationsTM. For keyboards on IA-based systems, you need to use special key combinations, such as Control+Alt for the Meta key, to emulate keys not provided.

 Task or Feature OpenWindows Method CDE Method
 To access a menu Point and click

Point and click the mouse. 

Use keyboard mnemonics (Alt+underlined _key)

 To switch the focus from one application window to another Click on the window Click on the window, or press Alt+Tab repeatedly until the window has the focus
 Key mappings OpenWindows defaults CDE defaults (same as OpenWindows defaults)
 Delete key Deletes previous character Deletes next character